How much does RV Life cost? [AUGUST 2021 BUGDET]

This is the first RV Life monthly budget blog post here at Wild RV Life. Stay tuned for many more to come!

We moved into our RV at the very end of May of 2021. We didn’t start tracking our expenses until August because throughout June and July we were selling our house and still taking care of some of our transition expenses. Basically, our finances were all over the place.

However, by August, we’d sold the house, gotten rid of all of our “house” expenses and started tracking our finances to see just how much RV life actually costs.

So, let’s break it down.

Campground Fees: $740

How much does it really cost to live full time at campgrounds?

We stayed at two campgrounds during August, one of which we were at for almost the entire month.

Ingram’s Marina was a no-frills campground on a lake near our hometown of Tallahassee with spacious sites and a great monthly rate (about $600 with taxes).

We stayed most of the month near Tallahassee because my sister gave birth to my niece this month and we wanted to be able to get lots of family time in before hitting the road.

The last several days of the month we stayed at a state park for the first time ever, Wekiwa Springs State Park. It was also affordable at about $28/night (including taxes) and had full hookups. 

Fuel Costs: $511

“Fuel costs are going to kill you!”

We have heard that a time or two. Honestly, we except to spend around $400/month or so on fuel and so this month we are over budget.

Driving back and forth to Tallahassee (45 minutes away) at least 5 times a week really used up a lot of fuel. It wasn’t even due to towing because we only towed the camper once!

However, we’ve pretty much always had at least one of us have a job that requires a lot of driving and so we’re used to spending a few hundred bucks every month on gas anyways.

We’ll see what the cost of fuel is next month when we’re moving every week or two to new locations.

Food Costs: $871

This includes the cost of our groceries and eating out. We tried pretty hard not to eat out much this month and we definitely saw a decrease in food costs from what we used to spend at our house.

We used to eat out almost every day and would easily spend over $1000/month on food. Honestly, we hadn’t tracked it carefully in quite a while and I almost don’t even want to know what we were spending. 

This is an area that we still want to optimize, as we learn how to grocery shop and cook on the road in our RV.

Other RV Life Expenses 

Of course, there’s more to spend money on than campground fees, fuel and food when you live in an RV, so here’s a breakdown of some of our other monthly expenses for August.

Most of these are fixed expenses, except “activities”, which we will likely spend more than $15 on most months!

Truck Payment$768
Storage Unit$84
Insurance (Truck & RV)$169

Of course, we still have other normal living expenses like health insurance, cell phone bills, and household supplies, like paper towels.

However, these aren’t really any different in RV life, so I won’t cover those. Although, our house is much smaller, so we’ll likely see a slight decrease in household type supplies.

Saving Money Living in an RV

Not everyone who moves into an RV full time saves money. It largely depends on what type of RV lifestyle you choose and what your lifestyle was like prior to RV life. 

However, here’s some expenses that we no longer have because we sold it all and hit the road. 

  • Property taxes
  • Homeowner’s insurance 
  • HOA fees (we actually didn’t have these in our neighborhood, but many do!)
  • Lawn maintenance costs
  • Utility bills (water & sewer)
  • Waste Management (garbage) fees
  • Mortgage (although now we pay campground fees like we’d pay “rent”)
  • Multiple car payments (and insurance on multiple cars)

August 2021 RV Life Budget Summary

Below is a summary of how much it cost us to live full time in our RV during August 2021, including campground fees, fuel costs and more.

Campground Fees$740
Truck Payment$768
Storage Unit$84
Insurance (Truck & RV)$169

Of course, like I mentioned above, there are still other costs (i.e. health insurance, tithing, monthly subscriptions) that you’ll want to remember if trying to map out your own RV life budget.

Let me know if you have any questions about our expenses! And be sure to check out our post that breaks down one entire year of full time RV life expenses.

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