Free Google Sheet Monthly Budget Template [Track Your Cost of RV Living]

If you’re looking for a way to track your full time RV budget, this simple monthly budget template is everything you need.

Don’t have a budget right now? You need one. Everyone does.

If you have financial goals of any kind, you should have a monthly budget to ensure that the money coming in and going out is supporting your goals.

When you travel full time in an RV, it’s even more important to track your monthly expenses. The nature of this lifestyle means there are a lot of changes month to month. Even if you’ve gotten into a regular travel routine, campground prices, fuel costs and food prices can create a lot of fluctuations.

We’ve seen this in action because we track every single penny that we spend using this exact google sheet budget template.

Download the Simple Monthly RV Budget Template

ANYONE can use this template, whether you live full time in an RV or not. That’s because the line items are completely customizable.

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Why I Use Google Sheets to Track My Monthly Expenses (instead of a budgeting app)

I know that there are a lot of fancy budgeting apps that can automatically track and log every purchase or transaction that takes place in our bank account and credit cards.

I’ve tried them before and they didn’t work for me.

Functionally, the app worked fine. Everything connected and there were some really amazing features. However, each time I tried using them, it became an out-of-sight, out-of-mind problem.

Because the apps were tracking automatically, I relieved myself of the responsibility of tracking.

I wouldn’t check the app often enough and still needed to split receipts and categorize appropriately. For example, a $200 transaction at Walmart could be a lot of things.

I’d find myself at the end of the month trying to remember “what I bought” at Walmart 3 weeks ago. It was impossible for me to remember and sitting down with a pile of receipts to sort through wasn’t something I wanted to do.

So, I switched to the google sheet budget template. Now, I immediately enter every purchase when we make it. It takes about 15 seconds and I get an instant look at where we are with our monthly budget totals.

This simple monthly budget template is helping us reach our financial goals by keeping us accountable and consistently aware of our spending.

What’s Included on the Google Sheet Budget Template

The cost of RV living can vary greatly from person to person. However, this budget template is set up so that you can customize it according to your needs. Below, I’ve outlined the four main sections of the template.

Monthly Budget Totals Overview

These are placeholder amounts for examples’ sake

The monthly totals section is automatically calculated, updates in real time as you enter information and keeps the most important budget information front and center:

  • How much you have spent total
  • How much you are over/under budget
  • Your set budgeted month total

Monthly Fluid Expenses Tracker

We set our fluid expenses budget for RV living every month according to our travel plans, planned maintenance or any other special purchases that we know we will be making.

Before the month starts, I calculate the approximate number of miles we plan to travel that month, account for daily driving miles and estimate the amount we will need for fuel based on those miles.

We do a lot of boondocking and rarely have campgrounds booked ahead of time, so I will look ahead at our approximate route and see if there are a lot of boondocking options. If there aren’t many free camping options, or if weather may not be appropriate for boondocking, we will allot a budget for campground fees based on the number of nights we think we’ll be staying.

Monthly Fixed Expenses Tracker

These are placeholder amounts for examples’ sake

The fixed expenses tracker section allows you to enter your fixed expenses into the template and have them copied over for each month.

We track ALL of our expenses, even down to our Netflix subscription, because all of those little costs add up. The line items can be edited, added or deleted according to your own list of fixed expenses.

Income & Savings Tracker

These are placeholder amounts for examples’ sake

This final section of our google sheet monthly budget template keeps track of your income and savings. I like to track post-tax income so that I know how much money is coming into my bank account and how much I’m planning to save.

The planned savings amount updates automatically based on your planned fluid expenses + fixed expenses.

While the actual savings amount updates automatically based on your actual fluid expenses + fixed expenses.

You can use this section to help plan your budgeted expenses. If you know you need to save $700 per month, but the planned savings amount doesn’t equal that…you know you need to make some adjustments to your spending!

See our Full Time RV Monthly Costs

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Get the Full Time RV Budget Worksheet

This RV living budget spreadsheet template will help you track all of your monthly expenses and reach your own financial goals!

Don’t live in an RV? You can still use this free google sheet budget template to track your monthly spending. All you have to do is enter your own relevant line items.

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