Top 10 Big Rig RV Campgrounds in Baja California Mexico

Ready to take your big rig on a Baja adventure? It might seem daunting, right? But hold on to your hats, folks! Craig and I spent a thrilling 3 months exploring the stunning landscapes of both Baja California and Baja California Sur. We braved the journey in our 38-foot long fifth wheel, hopping from RV parks to spectacular beach boondocking spots all throughout Baja California Mexico.

Excited yet? Well, we’ve got more! We explored even more of Baja with our truck, uncovering some fantastic RV-friendly locations perfect for your big rig. Buckle up, because I’m about to take you on a virtual tour of the route we recommend for your very own, unforgettable Baja adventure with your big rig!

Pete’s Camp, San Felipe, Baja California

Reservations: Required 2 weeks in advance
Payment type: Cash only (USD or pesos)
Hookups: Full hookups

Let’s dive right into our first recommended big RV friendly stop – Pete’s Camp in the lively town of San Felipe! Just a fairly short 3-hour drive south of the border at Mexicali, San Felipe serves as the perfect oasis away from the hustle-bustle of border town stress, without delving too deep into Mexico. It’s an ideal spot to gather your wits and kickstart your Baja adventure.

San Felipe, Baja California is a true gem – a vivacious blend of traditional charm and modern vibes. Imagine white sandy beaches meeting azure blue waters, lined with colorful houses and bustling markets. Amazing seafood, horseback rides on the beach, ATV rentals..this town is a wonderful taste of Baja. However, I do encourage you to continue down the peninsula for a more authentic Baja experience. The further we went, the more we realized how much San Felipe was catered to tourists.

Now, we actually ended up at a different campground, Campo Touristico #1. However, we quickly realized that Pete’s Camp would have been our perfect match!

Let’s get real here, Campo Touristico #1 was a bit of a tight squeeze for our big rig. I mean, we didn’t even fit into the regular campsites and had to park off to the side of the property. But Pete’s Camp? Talk about a haven for large RVs! This RV-friendly campground comes complete with full hookups right on the beach – it’s an RVers dream!

Admittedly, at $55/night it’s a little pricey for a Baja RV park. Our advice is to use Pete’s Camp as a short-term base to bask in the San Felipe sun and immerse yourself in exploring this vibrant town before heading further south.

Mario’s Restaurant, Guerro Negro, Baja California Sur

Reservations: Not required
Payment type: Cash only (pesos)
Hookups: Full hookups (30amp)

Alright folks, buckle up because we’re hitting the road again, making tracks all the way to Baja California Sur. I’ll be real with you, our exploration of Baja California Norte was a tad limited and our lone pit stop? Not exactly big rig-friendly. But hey, you can check out our hilarious misadventures as we attempted to squeeze our big rig into a spot better suited for a tent in this video, featuring a beachside hot spring with some not-so-inviting critters!

Up next on our Baja journey, we’re pulling into Mario’s Restaurant in Guerrero Negro. A bit of advice before you hit the road – fuel up your rig in San Felipe. The road ahead is a lengthy stretch with few fueling options. Mario’s is not only a restaurant, but a haven for RVs with pull-through sites and full hookups. And it’s only $16 a night! Sure makes Pete’s Camp seem like a splurge, right?

But a heads up – you won’t find yourself smack dab on the beach. And it’s a good idea to check your power and water before you start your RV setup. We found a couple of sites where one, or the other, was not working.

Mario’s Restaurant is your stepping stone to the charming town of Guerrero Negro and it’s conveniently located right off the main highway. Plus, it’s your go-to spot for whale-watching tour tickets! We missed the boat on whale watching last time, but it’s on our must-do list for the next visit. What we didn’t miss, however, were some phenomenal food experiences in Guerrero Negro! Birrieria Brianda’s quesa tortas are heavenly and the Tacos El Muelle Food Truck served us some unforgettable fish tacos.

One more thing, folks, the water hookups at Mario’s Restaurant are not for drinking. We filled our tank since we never drank from our fresh water tank in our old RV. But remember, it’s a no-go zone for quenching your thirst. For drinking water, stick to the Agua Purificadas. You’ll thank us later!

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El Padrino Campground, San Ignacio, Baja California Sur

Reservations: Not required
Payment type: Cash only (pesos)
Hookups: Dry Camping (power available at a couple of sites)

Next up, buckle up for a pit stop at the El Padrino Campground, nestled in the serene oasis of San Ignacio, Baja California Sur. We nearly missed it, as we weren’t sure about the RV-friendly nature of the road to the town, but boy, are we glad we didn’t! The road in turned out to be fine. In fact, the campground is a stone’s throw away from the town. Luckily, it’s situated just before the town’s entrance, offering enough space even for our beast of an RV. It offers dry camping, but the campground has bathrooms and hot showers (though we didn’t try them out).

However, I wouldn’t advise driving a large RV into the town square that comes after El Padrino. It has some tight corners.

We walked from the campground down into San Ignacio, which is a laid-back, quaint town, boasting one of Baja’s rare rivers, and serves as another launchpad for gray whale watching. Since it’s a small town, you might not want to dedicate a massive chunk of your itinerary to it. But, (and this is a big but) make a beeline for Restaurant Rancho Grande. Their patio, offering beautiful views of the Mision, is the perfect spot to wind down and indulge in some super-sized shrimp. Trust us; they’re the biggest I’ve ever seen!

Playa Santispac, Bahia de Concepcion, Baja California Sur

Reservations: N/A, First come, first serve
Payment type: Cash only (pesos)
Hookups: Dry Camping (sketchy dump station on site)

Now we’re rolling onto, hands down, my absolute favorite spot in all of Baja Mexico – Playa Santispac!

Imagine parking your big rig in a slice of paradise, right on the edge of the mesmerizing Bahia de Concepcion. For just around $10 a day (no hookups, mind you), you’re snagging a front-row seat to the stunning spectacle of clear blue waters, scattered islands, and encircling mountains. It’s like your RV has its private beach! (Along with a few dozen other RVers of course)

Wake up to playful dolphins frolicking in the water, chill under a palapa while ticking off your worklist, or paddle-board your way to the neighboring islands. Don’t forget to enjoy the beachside restaurants a few steps from your RV and fresh food from the vendors who come around daily – it’s just heavenly!

And to top it all, you have the charming town of Mulegé, just a 20-minute drive up the road. Despite its small size, this walkable town won’t disappoint with its offerings of all basic services, while preserving the the charm of a small Mexican town.

Campestre Maranatha, La Paz, Baja California Sur

Reservations: Recommended to call or send a WhatsApp message ahead of time
Payment type: Cash
Hookups: Full hookups and dry camping available

Alright, folks, seatbelts fastened and gas tanks brimming? Good! We’ve got a long haul along the long, winding road to La Paz, the vibrant capital of Baja California Sur. While it’s a bustling metropolis, it somehow skips the typical touristy hullabaloo of Cabo San Lucas – and that’s why we loved it.

So, here’s a fun little tale. On our first pass, we boondocked for free at Playa Tecolote, and let’s just say the sandy terrain got a bit too friendly with our RV wheels (read: we got stuck). On the return journey, we said ‘no more’ to these sandy escapades and decided to park our RV at Campestre Maranatha. Boy oh boy, was this a sweet find! I’ll venture to say it could be the crème-de-la-crème of Baja California Sur RV parks.

Imagine this – spacious full hookups, gorgeous landscaping, a pool to lounge at, laundry, hot showers and all just a stone’s throw from La Paz’s bustling heart. The price tag? A reasonable $35 per night for full hookups. And the best part – it’s a one-size-fits-all kind of park, welcoming RVs of all sizes.

There’s even a cute cafe on site with delicious pastries and great coffee and smoothies. We spent several mornings enjoying breakfast in the sunshine on the patio area watching little birds hop around looking for crumbs.

Playa Tecolote, La Paz, Baja California Sur

Reservations: N/A, First come, first serve
Payment type: Free
Hookups: Dry Camping

As for Tecolote Beach, it’s still a good option for boondocking on the beach in Baja. It boasts stunning views and big-rig-friendly spots, but it can get quite packed at times.

That’s why we ended up stuck in the sand. There were so many RVs, buses, and vans parked along the shore that we ended up far down the beach looking for an open spot. Unfortunately, we drove through a section of sand that was a little deeper than we anticipated. However, the great thing about there being so many people there is that we instantly found some friends to help us get unstuck.

Nomads are the best people!

The great thing about Tecolote Beach is that it is completely free beach boondocking. In fact, it’s one of the few totally free beaches that big rigs can stay at in Baja. However, a word of caution – there were a few reports of theft at this beach during our RV trip through Baja. So, I would recommend checking recent reviews on iOverlander to see what the visitors are saying.

Campground del Ejido, La Ventana, Baja California Sur

Reservations: Not required
Payment type: Cash
Hookups: Dry Camping

Picture this: you’re soaking in hot springs bubbling up right beside a sandy beach. Sounds unreal, right? That’s what we thought until we laid eyes on this hidden gem. In terms of RV camping, La Ventana offers a variety of camping options, but if you’re in a big rig, your best bet is the Campground del Ejido, also known as the ‘Gringo Ghetto’.

Now, let’s be honest, this campground didn’t exactly steal our hearts. It kind of lives up to its nickname, but hey, it did the job as our base to explore La Ventana and the Natural Hot Springs of El Sargento. Plus, it’s situated right on the beachfront, so we enjoyed daily strolls along the shore, watching the kite surfers zip across the waves. Yes, La Ventana is actually a world-famous kite-boarding destination!

Martin Verdugos Beach Resort, Los Barriles, Baja California Sur

Reservations: Recommended
Payment type: Cash or Credit
Hookups: Full Hookups or Dry Camping

I don’t really mean this in a good or bad way, but the best way to describe Martin Verdugos Beach Resort is that it reminded us of a 55+ RV park in Florida.

The RV sites aren’t very large, but there are sites that will fit a big rig. However, I highly suggest that you call ahead and confirm they have a spot for you because it was packed when we visited. Thankfully we did call ahead because I’m pretty sure there was only 1 spot available that would fit our RV when we got there.

Although the RV park is beach-adjacent, don’t expect to wake up to water views every day. There’s a hotel hogging the beachfront glory, placing RV sites a little further back. But hey, you’re just short walk away from the water’s edge whenever you need your beach fix. The park is sprinkled with lovely palm trees and maintained very well – it was spotless during our stay.

Bathrooms with hot showers and laundry are right there on the premises. What we really liked about Martin Verdugos is its prime location smack dab in the heart of Los Barriles. Though we admit, navigating the tight roads while driving in and out was a tad challenging. It was a breeze to stroll to local eateries, shops, and explore the charming town. So, if you’re all about location, location, location, Martin Verdugos Beach Resort is your perfect basecamp!

We did swing by and check out Baja Sunrise RV Park while dumping our tanks for about $5, which is right off the main highway near Los Barriles. If you’re nervous about navigating the tight streets of Los Barriles, this is a great alternate option for big RVs in Los Barriles.

Playa La Ribera Beach, La Ribera, Baja California Sur

Reservations: N/A, First come, first serve
Payment type: Free
Hookups: Dry camping

La Ribera Beach undoubtedly holds the silver medal in my ranking of beach boondocking spots in Baja – it’s simply incredible! Let’s start with the sweetest part, it’s absolutely FREE. Just a short 20-minute drive away from Los Barriles, and had we known of this gem first, we might’ve given the paid campground in Los Barriles a miss (though, let’s be honest, those full hookups have their charm!).

This is a public beach, open for camping, and easy to navigate – no worries about getting stuck as long as you drive along the well-packed path. We set up our RV at the far end of the beach and didn’t have any issues with the late-night loud parties some folks mentioned on iOverlander.

Now, there were some windy days! In fact, it was here that we got so sick of our slide toppers flapping that we promptly cut them off (on our old rig!).

This also served as our gateway to some unforgettable adventures in Cabo Pulmo, Canon de la Zorra and Santa Rita Hot Springs – hands down, some of my top experiences in all of Baja!

Playa Los Cerritos, Cerritos Beach, Baja California Sur

Reservations: N/A, First come, first serve
Payment type: Free
Hookups: Dry camping

Playa Los Cerritos is an amazing beach with consistently great waves for surfing. Craig can attest to that since he went surfing almost every single day during our two-week stay. We boondocked in the parking lot right there on Cerritos Beach for just $10 per night! This place is good for big rigs – if you can nab a spot before it fills up!

Our adventure in Cerritos Beach actually began at another iOverlander spot known as the “Farmer’s Market”. It’s a much less official camping spot and let’s just say we were the only ones with a big RV over there. But hey, who doesn’t love a little adventure, right? The moment we spotted an opening in the beach parking lot, we were packing up faster than you can say “surf’s up”, ready to seize an ocean-side spot before anyone else could.

At this prime location, you’re mere steps away from the sandy beach, ready to rent a surfboard or simply lounge under the sun. And when you’re done with your dose of vitamin sea, a short stroll down a dirt road, and you’ll find yourself at restaurants and shops in the growing town of Cerritos Beach.

Just a heads up, though; during our stay, we noticed a ‘For Sale’ sign in the parking area. So, who knows how much longer this boondocking spot will be up for grabs. Even if it’s gone, the area still offers some nifty little RV parks for consideration. We used our stay at Cerritos Beach as a launch pad to explore the charming town of Todos Santos and the famous destination of Cabo San Lucas, which is a 40-minute drive away. Fun times, unforgettable memories!

An Amazing Trip with a Big RV in Baja Mexico

As we wrap up our epic journey exploring the 10 big rig-friendly RV camping spots in Baja Mexico, we can’t help but reminisce about the unforgettable adventures we’ve had. And a big thank you to The Wanderpreneurs, who inspired us to visit many of these places and made us feel more confident about taking our big rig through Baja!

From the vibrant energy of Mexican cities to the tranquil aura of secluded beaches, each spot has its own unique charm to offer. Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination, and with a big rig, you’re in for an adventure! Baja California Mexico, with its stunning landscapes and welcoming RV parks, is waiting for you. Surf’s up, amigos! (Don’t forget to join our RV travel family for more adventures!)

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