5 Unique RV Garage with Living Quarters Ideas

An RV garage with living quarters is the perfect solution for someone who wants a home base to park their RV. It provides a safe place to store your RV out of the weather and doubles as a comfortable home when you want a break from your house on wheels.

Personally, we have considered buying property and building something just like one of the options below as a home base and to rent the space out to people who need a place to stay while doing repairs on their RV. An RV garage with an attached apartment would be the perfect solution!

Factors to Consider when Choosing an RV Garage

A simple search will reveal a lot of options when it comes to an RV garage kit with living quarters, so make sure you’re considering the following factors when looking at your options.

Size of the RV Garage with Living Quarters

There are two major size factors to consider: the size of the RV garage and the size of the living quarters. Make sure you choose an option with a garage that is large enough to fit your RV and has enough living space to comfortably fit you and your family. If you’re thinking of renting out the space, you may want to consider getting a garage large enough to fit most RVs.

Building Materials & Climate

Steel is a very durable material, but isn’t great for all climates since it conducts heat and cold. If you do live somewhere that it gets very cold, you’ll definitely want to think about insulation. For hotter climates, be sure to consider how well ventilated the garage will be, how many windows are included and if there are vents.

Materials Included in the RV Garage Kit

Be sure to read carefully about what is included in your RV garage kit with living quarters! Some kits only include hardware and you’ll be responsible for providing the lumber. Others may not include items such as wiring, flooring or insulation.

5 Ideas for Your RV Garage with Living Quarters

1. Buy Plans and Build

If you are looking for something specific and want the ability to customize, you can buy plans for RV garages with apartments on places like Etsy. Then, you can follow the plans to build it yourself or hire professionals.

2. Go Big with an RV Barn Kit

DC Structures offers an RV Barn Kit with 3 – 4+ bedrooms. These RV barns offer an incredibly unique multi-purpose structure that can serve as your RV garage, home and even horses! These kits also include almost everything you’ll need to build the structure (although some models do not come with the windows or doors, so be sure to check first!)

What’s included:

  • Framing materials
  • Siding
  • Hardware
  • Roof, wall, & floor sheathing
  • Trim & fascia
  • Second story floor components (if included)
  • Exterior doors & windows (on some models)
  • Master materials list
  • Blueprints
  • Tablet pre-loaded with your personalized project management site, 3D renderings, construction documents, etc.)
  • 360 ° camera for architectural VR walkthroughs
  • Limited warranty
  • Builder support from our licensed builder team
  • Customer support

3. DIY Your RV Garage with Living Quarters with a Steel Garage Kit

One potentially cost-saving idea that won’t require you do ALL the work is to purchase a basic prefab metal RV garage kit and then customize the interior yourself to add living quarters.

You can work with local metal building suppliers or work with online suppliers like Big Buildings Direct to get something like this RV Combo Garage that has space to park your RV and build out an apartment area. The offer free delivery and installation and you can speak with them directly to find something that fits your needs.

With this option, you’ll be responsible for figuring out the “living quarters”, but it’s a great opportunity for the DIY-friendly folks to set up your RV garage exactly the way you like it.

4. Budget Option: Open Carport with Enclosed Lean To

Perhaps you don’t need an entire garage for your RV and you’d just like to keep it covered and out of the rain. In that case, something like this RV carport with enclosed lean to might be the perfect option for you!

If you’re going this route, you may be able to get even more creative by purchasing an RV carport by itself and then adding some kind of shed or tiny home beside it. For example, there are some pretty cool Home Depot Tuff shed conversions that I’ve seen!

5. Get Creative with the Design

When you think of an RV garage, you probably have a certain picture that comes to mind. However, you can get really creative with the design of your RV garage and apartment. For example, if you don’t have a lot of space in your yard, you can add a rooftop deck to your garage. Or you can go for a very modern look with this Modern Garage Studio with RV Bay.

How much does an RV garage with living quarters cost?

Costs can vary widely depending on building materials, labor costs and size. However, according to Home Advisor, the average cost of building an RV garage is $88,000, with most homeowners paying between $36,000 to $140,000. And that doesn’t specify RV garage with living quarters, so you can assume that the price will likely be higher on average.

However, nearly 50% of the average cost of an RV garage is due to labor. So, if you’re able to DIY it, you’ve got massive potential for cost savings.

Want to know more about the costs of full time RV living? Check out our guide here.

Permits & Building Codes

Don’t forget! If you’re planning on building an RV garage on your property, you’ll need to check with your local building department to check on what permits you need and what building codes you need to abide by. You may even need to schedule inspections along the way. Permits for RV garages usually cost between $1,000 – $2,000, so you’ll also have to add that into your cost considerations.

Do you have any more unique ideas for RV garages with apartments? Put them in the comments!

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